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Hi! Welcome to Pink Posh blog. We are a wedding photography boutique serving Austin, Dallas and Destination. Pink Posh Photographers is proud to be the official Campaign Photographers for The Boot Campaign. We hope you enjoy your stay and drop us a line sometime! Interested in seeing more? Visit our website at www.pinkposh.com

Welcome to our new blog!

Yes, we did it! We moved to "slightly" larger images and a new blog layout - based on the overwhelming (*not*) amount of votes that we received for larger images. :oP Because of the larger images, I am not able to integrate it into our old blog, without all the blog and images looking all out of sync.

There are a few items you need to know in order to navigate this new blog!

Pull the cord! See the cord at the top right? Pull it and you can access the archives as well as send us an email directly.

Who shot what? Below each image, there will either a pink or a yellow flower. This is for you to see who shot the image - Mariae or Hali. Any other color flower will be Paul, Vince or Marie.

Pink = Mariae.
Yellow = Hali.

Comments! Comments can be made by clicking on the title of the post and we do love to read and receive comments. :)

I hope you guys enjoy the new larger images as well as our new blog layout! We worked several days around the clock to get this ready for you guys!

Enjoy and let us know what you think!
Mariae & Hali

You can leave your comments or wishes for the couple here!!
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