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Stacy : Bridals Monday, June 29, 2009 |

Session Date: May 26, 2009

Yes, this blog is all out of order (and more out of order-ness is yet to come)...but Stacy's bridals have been something that has been forefront in my mind since we shot it a month ago. I had already decided that once it was safe to do so, I would blog her bridal session. Since Stacy+Ricky's wild and crazy, almost table breaking, centerpiece catching on fire wedding was this past weekend at Hotel Derek, I can now share with you these bridals that we shot one hot Houston afternoon. :) Bear with my gushing over Stacy's bridals, we had a lot of fun shooting them. :)

Starting with one of my favorite images that day. The dress shop let Stacy borrow one of their veil since hers haven't arrived yet when the bridal session day came around. We had amazing wind that day. :)

I don't know if I should divulge the secret to this image...but let's say that areas near the "powder rooms" are some of the best areas for pictures. Go figure.

Yes, totally unfair. Stacy is absolutely gorgeous and a total sweetheart. :)

A little corner we found at the hotel. I had her stand in her "time out" corner for a while. :)

Hotel Derek, how I love thee. :)

Magical indoor wind a.k.a Thurst. It's hard to resist tossing a veil when it is so long. :)

Love the library area at the Derek. :)

Yes, I was a little reflection happy with her bridals..but I'm sure Ricky would agree that two of Stacy is not a bad thing. :)

Ending with my absolute favorite of the day. :)

Stacy, I hope you and Ricky are having fun on your Grand Tour of Europe! :)

Thank You. :) |

Dear stalkers, this past week has been a constant reminder to us that we have truly been blessed with such thoughtful and fabulous brides. With emails from brides telling us how much they love their images (we absolutely adore reading those!!!) to delicious cookies and emails and facebook messages to go out for drinks (yes, to that! I can't believe that they want to hang out with us even after their wedding is over??!!). But on Saturday night, Thurst and I, with our usual unwinding post-wedding ritual of late night sushi, one of my former bride met up with us to join us while we unwind from the wedding day. But when we were leaving, she gave both me and Thurst each a "thank you" gift. Of course, like little kids, we opened it immediately in the car after she drove off...and we were rendered speechless. It was something that we never would have imagined ever receiving from one of our brides/couples. And because I know she's a loyal blog stalker, we just wanted to tell her thank you thank you thank you for being so thoughtful and wonderful. :)
Of course, I have to share pictures of what we got. :)

The gift bags...that we were sure included a keychain and tshirt (or maybe a small sombrero) souvenir from her most recent vacation. :)

The extremely thoughtful gifts. *Sigh* How can you not love a bride who feeds into your shoe addiction and know your taste so well? By the way, Thurst has been looking for a pink pocket square for a while now...and I think he squealed like a girl when he opened his gift and saw this inside.

H+K, thank you. :) We absolutely love them and you guys. :)

Maison Burdisso Parisian Macarons Saturday, June 27, 2009 |

Stalkers, I have the best brides ever. :) This morning, with only three hours of sleep under our belt (we got into Houston late) - we headed out to The Gallery for a bridal session with Jennifer. When we got there...she presented me with a little gift...absolutely delish macarons. I can't show you guys her bridals yet (which makes me sad, because we really had a lot of fun with them this time!)...but I am going to show you what's left of the delish macarons that Jennifer so thoughtfully picked up for us which made a 100+ degrees heat session so much more enjoyable to shoot. :)

I knew I would love these already...the box had my initials on them. :)

The important part - the contents inside. :) One word. Yum. The remaining macarons from
Maison Burdisso - Thurst and I had two prior before I took this picture! :oP. An absolute must try.

Jennifer, thank you! We love them! :)

Julie + Matt : Married Thursday, June 25, 2009 |

Wedding Date: March 28, 2009
Photographers: Thurston* and Mariae*
Ceremony: The Mansion at Judge's Hill, Austin, Texas
Venue: The Mansion at Judge's Hill, Austin, Texas
Florist: Petal Pushers
Entertainment: Reunion

Stalkers, I finally get to blog Julie+Matt's wedding. And I know Julie has been waiting oh so patiently for her wedding blog as well. :) So, this was one of my favorite weddings this year. No, it wasn't because it was in Austin - but that does help. :) Mainly because they are just the sweetest couple...and that this wedding was almost a reunion of sort for Thurst and I. We saw most of the cast of characters a couple of months earlier at Tavia+Justin's wedding in Fredericksburg back in November. So when Thurst and I got to Urban Betty Salon where the girls were getting ready at that morning, it felt like less like work and more like we were longtime friends who had fancy schmancy cameras. Well, from the get go, I already knew that Julie was going to have an amazing wedding - I mean in her previous life, she used to be one of the wedding coordinators at the Driskill. Which could only mean that her wedding was going to be filled with uberfabulous goodies. :)

Stalkers, meet the gorgeous couple - Julie and Matt. :)

We started the day at Urban Betty where all the girls were getting their do's on. :)

Occassionally, we are able to get the groom getting ready as well...if they haven't already finished their 5 minute beautification procedures. :oP

I had to blog this. Julie's dad ran out and got all the girls some fresh cut flowers the morning of to enjoy during their getting ready.

The dress...and the incredibly high-heel wedding shoes. Can you believe she traisped through the "Austin Jungle" with these on during her

Tying the corset....right side up. :oP Julie...Tavia...you girls know what I'm talking about. :oP

Dear stalkers. I love First Looks. Three reasons why...there's the "before..."

..."the during..."

...and the sweet moment "after."

Because we did a First Look, we were able to go right into the bride/groom portrait session. :)

This is my favorite picture of Mr. and Mrs. H.

After their bride/groom portraits...we got right into the wedding party pictures. Love, love, love that we are getting ample sunlight for these images! Typically, Thurst takes the guys aside for their portraits...

...and I shoot the girls separately. :)

Then we mix them all together for a few! :)

After all the pictures were done, everyone just hung out and had a cocktail hour before the ceremony. Yes, this is a novel idea, that I'm sure will catch on. :oP

I wanted to blog this picture, because she was sitting in just the prettiest light waiting for the ceremony to begin. :)

And of course...the wedding details.

I am crushing on Petal Pushers. :)

Stalkers...I absolutely ADORE the bouquets that Petal Pushers put together. Julie added her own little touch by including a brooch on each of the girls' bouquets.

The funny thing is that Julie forgot a brooch for herself....but Julie got her "something borrowed" from her grandmother who lent Julie her brooch for the bridal bouquet. Absolutely stunning.

The ceremony details....details...details...

The ceremony...Julie's dad walked her down the stairs....

...to where Matt was waiting for her. (Brides...in case you are wondering if a First Look takes away that moment when your groom sees you for the first time walking down the aisle...it definitely just add another dimension to your wedding day.)

The part where the minister asks who gives the bride away....Julie's dad doesn't look like he's ready quite yet to give her up. :)

Let's say the ceremony was pretty emotional...and leave it at that for the next few pictures. :)

Mr. and Mrs. :)

The congratulations...and yes, they were standing in the most perfect light. :)

The gorgeous rings.

Reception ballroom....

...and all the glorious reception details.

Their first dance.

..and Julie's dance with the other man in her life. :) Did I tell you guys already how much I love parent dances?

Matt's dance with his mom.

...and a little moment at the end of the mother/son dance that Thurst captured.

Let them eat yummy cake. :oP

The entertainment for the night was performed by the band, Reunion. I have to say that they did an absolutely amazing job and kept the dance floor packed all night. Loved them!

Hmmmm...Matt oh Matt. You are a troublemaker.

And squished in between the couples....we got in a couple more images of just Julie+Matt on the dance floor. :)

Julie+Matt makes me smile. They are so saucy right here. :)

I just love Julie in this one. That is all.

And they lived happily every after. :) Especially if you are departing - or rather in this case, going around the blocks a couple of times...in a carriage. You have to live happily ever after. :)

Julie+Matt, congratulations!!! :) We wish nothing but good things for you two and enjoy your new home and your new life together. :)