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Hi! Welcome to Pink Posh blog. We are a wedding photography boutique serving Austin, Dallas and Destination. Pink Posh Photographers is proud to be the official Campaign Photographers for The Boot Campaign. We hope you enjoy your stay and drop us a line sometime! Interested in seeing more? Visit our website at www.pinkposh.com

Vy + Seth : Engaged Monday, August 31, 2009 |

Session Date: August 30, 2009

Thurst and I met up with Vy+Seth yesterday's evening for their engagement session at my go-to spot - Hey Cupcake. Seriously, any excuse to head over there and just smell their cupcakes is good for me. :) Right before we started on our shoot, Vy told us to wait up...because she had a little treat for us. She went to her car and pulled out this ginormous cardboard box filled with cotton candy. Stalkers, I'm still bribable. :) But, I do have to admit to you all that this is wreaking havoc with my diet! But really, a gazillion bags of cotton candy...I think I'm set for the year. :)

Stalkers, meet Seth and the gorgeous Vy, who's trying very successfully to bribe her way into my heart and my stomach! :)

Vy+Seth first met at Spill...so of course they wanted a couple of pictures there. :) I remember the first time I went to Spill...I was in my mid-20s and the bouncer wouldn't let me in...saying I didn't look like the girl on my driver's license. I told him in my inebriated state to ask me anything about the license..I knew all the answers on it. HA HA HA.

Random office chair and a banana tree. Umm..you really can't beat south Austin. :)

One of my favorite murals in Austin. :)

Vy had on the hottest little dress and those pink shoes..I seriously almost snatched them off of her feet!

Vy later changed into this cute little cream, pink and brown number. Thurst and I agreed that it made us crave ice cream. :)

The last two shots of the evening. :)

Vy+Seth, thanks for the cotton candy and hopefully the shoot wasn't as bad as you imagined in your head?. :) And Lina, loved loved loved seeing you again woman!!!

Kristine + Cat Vinh : Married Friday, August 28, 2009 |

Wedding Date: July 18, 2009
Photographers: Thurston* and Mariae*
Rockefeller Hall
Venue: Kim Son Ballroom at Jefferson (Houston, Texas)
Florist: SCF Events

They should really hire the four of us - Cat, Kristine, Thurst and I to travel around to areas of drought and bring down the rain. The last time we were all together in Miami for their engagement shoot http://pinkposhphotography.blogspot.com/2009/04/kristine-cat-vinh-engaged-miami-style.html it rained on us. A complete freak rainstorm. But we chalked it up to it being Miami. Well, on one of the hottest day of summer, they decided to tie the knot! And I somehow magically got Cat and Kristine to follow me to a park for some outdoor pictures. We were there for literally 5 minutes, before a huge rainstorm came down. Yes, we are that effective. :)

Stalkers, meet the beautiful Kristine and her husband CatVinh. :) This was a shot we got right before the storm came in!

All the pretty purple and green details. :) Love love the cream and green bridal bouquet.

Assembly lining it. :oP

Cat just right before Kristine walked down the aisle with her dad. Deep breaths Cat!!

She's gorgeous. :) I get all the pretty brides. :)

Their first kiss!

Hello pretty girl. :)

Not bad Cat. You cleaned up pretty good. :)

This picture make me smile. Stalker...check out the painting to the right...we noticed that there was a painting inside the painting inside the painting..and you know we had to do it!!

Cat...tsk tsk.

Turnabout is fair play I suppose. :)

These were the party favors (minus the bling!).

Yum...candy bar. :)

One of the less risque table game that I can show on the blog. :oP

Garter removal..........somehow Kristine ended up on the floor. :o. It was that kind of wedding. :)

Honestly, I don't even want to know. I'm just there to document. :oP

The reception was absolutely crazy. I'm only showing a couple of images that are blog appropriate. Stalkers, I literally have a folder of images that are not SUITABLE for public viewing. If you weren't there, you missed out. :oP.

And one more of just Cat and Kristine. :)

Cat+Kristine, congratulations. :) Love you guys!

Nora + John : Married Wednesday, August 26, 2009 |

Wedding Date: July 25, 2009
Photographers: Thurston* and Mariae*
Ceremony: Williams Trace Baptist Church
Venue: Safari Texas
DJ and Lights: LG Entertainment

A few weeks ago, Thurst and I got to hang out with Nora and John at their Hoffstastic wedding. (I told you I was going to use the word Hoffstastic somewhere!) But really, when I didn't think I could love how fun and bubbly Nora's personality was before when I first met her wayyyyy back during their engagement session...I think I love her more now. When on the wedding day, most of the wedding party usually caters to the bride and groom and their wants and needs, I see Nora setting aside what she needed to do to get HER girls all pretty and ready for the wedding. Later on that evening when we went out to do some quick late night portraits, I noticed Nora was a bit fidgety...and really, really, really wanted to get back into the party. Whereas, John was happy to take pictures as long as it kept him off the dance floor. But stalkers, I couldn't be mad at Nora. You see, Nora had requested the DJ to play a special song that she wanted to dance with the kiddos she taught...and she was really concerned she was going to miss the opportunity to dance with her students. Yeah, she's that awesome.

So stalkers, meet the gorgeous Nora and her husband, John. :)

Nora did her own makeup and hair on the wedding day.......plus makeup and hair for some of her wedding party!!

Absolutely fabulous Roberto Coin necklace that John got Nora for a wedding gift.

I absolutely ADORED the colors the guys wore at the wedding. (Yes, its Pink Posh colors...so that may be why!)

Thurst caught John opening up his gift from Nora....

...finally realizing what the gift was...

Yups. Season tickets to the Cowboys! (Nora had DIY the tickets herself since the real season tickets didn't come in yet by the wedding!)

Nora had the girls wear blue dresses (of their picking) and pink shoes. Love it!

John and the ladies.....

Ummm...Nora's dad got game. :)

And all the guys in all their wonderful grays and pinks. :)

Nora and John didn't do a "first look" but they did the cutest "first touch." Here's Nora telling John he didn't have to take her to the season games of the Cowboys...and John telling her she's going to all of them with him. :)

Love the ringbearer pillow!

The massive church!!!

This is a view not normally seen at the church!!! My view of the first kiss.

Thurst's view! :)

The way the coordinator at the church lined them up were so perfect for the ceremony, I decided it was perfect for pictures as well!

Nora asked if we could stay indoors for the pictures since it was 1000 degrees out.

But her mom requested one in front of the church....so you know I had to. :)

Out of season peonies. I love you.

Alright stalkers....feast your eyes on all the DIY goodness........

The cake is not a diy...but its gorgeous!

Back to more DIY details. :)

I love this! Nora made little activity books for her students who attended the wedding - with their names on it!!!

Um..More cake. That's always a good thing right?

And an Ice Cream Bar.

Their First dance. LG Entertainment did an amazing job lighting up the venue!

This was when Nora's mom mentioned how much John must love Nora to wear pink on his wedding day. :)

The toast. John's brother took credit for getting them together. It all happened with a car breaking down. 6th street. And the rest as we say, is history. :)

Nora with her students during the special dance - THE CHICKEN DANCE! Stalkers, this was seriously one of the cutest and most endearing things I've seen in a wedding for a long time!

Just a fun candid. :)

LG rocked it that night. John exploded on the dance floor. HOLLAAA!

Nora and John, congratulations!!! :)