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Misty : Bridals Friday, August 29, 2008 |

Thurston and I are about to head out to Houston for Leena+Bobby's wedding this weekend, but I wanted to do a quick blog about Misty's bridals before we left! Thursday, August 14th - Thurst and I headed up to Dallas to finally meet Misty for the very first time! Misty lives in New York so we haven't actually ever met yet until the day of the shoot! She described her dress and veil to me a bit and I decided based on verbal descriptions that Deep Ellum was the place to do Misty's bridals!!! Stalkers, you probably know by now that bridals are one of my favorite things to shoot - especially in a gritty, urban area. :)

Stalkers...meet Misty! She is a stage actress in New York......so I had it pretty easy at this shoot. :)

So, Misty is already married, and they are actually just exchanging vows with one another and having a party afterwards.....which is why I can post her bridals. :)

I love the wall color against her skin tone and hair color.

Misty brought fun props along for us to play with! Umbrellas and fans!

One of my faves. :)

A quick gust of wind! :) I heart wind. :)

You've probably noticed Misty's veil is not cut even. That's because she bought a roll of tulle and cut it herself to make a veil. But it works!

I love her arm extensions here. :)

Mary Poppins. :)

Quick shot in the middle of the street before the green light. And we hijacked the patio area of a small sushi restaurant down in Deep Ellum for the second picture. :)

And my favorite picture from our shoot....... :)

So before we even started the shoot, Misty told me that only her mom has been able to capture her the way she liked. ACK! Pressure right? Well, being at the end of the post now, I hope I get to be on her short list as well! :)

Misty, hope you like them! Can't wait for the party in October! :)

Julie + Matt : Engaged Thursday, August 28, 2008 |

Hi again stalkers :oP! Yups, your eyes are not deceiving you, this is a new post - in less than a 24 hours period! On Wednesday (a couple days after I hung out with Suy+Tish), Thurston and I headed downtown to meet up with my first ever homeless couple - Julie and Matt! I have been really looking forward to the shoot with them, since the first time I met them. I actually met Julie BEFORE she was engaged, when there was a possibility of an engagement! Because Julie couldn't wedding plan yet - she recommended me to Tavia (her bridals were blogged a couple of months ago)...and well Matt finally proposed (we all knew he would!)...and here we are!!! (By the way, by the end of the shoot, Julie+Matt wanted to keep going! Yes, my sessions are that fun. HA HA!)

Stalkers....meet Matt and Julie! :) Matt popped the question at Hotel San Jose. :)

We actually started the shoot here...per Julie's request/recommendation - which happens to be one of my favorite shooting spots in Austin. :)

Finally! I've always wanted to shoot with a single piece of furniture in the middle of a clearing....

After that, we headed down to my favorite cupcake place in the entire universe....no really, if you haven't tried Hey Cupcake...you are missing out! (You'll see more shoots from here, since its a good reason for me to get their red velvet cupcake!) Absolutely Delish!!!

So, Julie+Matt wanted a picture at the Austin postcard wall - which made me super excited, because I've always wondered where it was! HA HA HA. Now I know!

I heart chain linked fencing. :)

Tavia and Justin had a similar picture to this, so I wanted Julie and Matt to have one as well. :)Taken with my trusty Thurston light. HA HA. I'm sure he's going to appreciate that I said that.

And an homage to our favorite lady, Audrey Hepburn. We sorta hijacked the Driskill for a few minutes for this...yes, my shoots are filled with intrigue and adventure! :oP

And my favorite from their shoot. Somehow, we found a car that was an exact match of Julie's dress.

Julie + Matt, we had sooo much fun with you guys!! :) By the way, congrats on the house!!!! Yups stalkers, from the time of the shoot until the time of the blog posting - they are no longer homeless. See how we make miracles happen! :oP

Suy + Tish : Engaged Wednesday, August 27, 2008 |

Time for some Suy+Tish! I was able to skip blogging about two-three shoots since they were all bridals that the brides didn't want blogged yet until after the wedding day which means that I am still not at all caught up on blogging. :oP. Anyways stalkers.......on a Monday evening, Thurston and I met up with Suy and Tish downtown for their e-session. We had such a blast traisping around downtown - Tish is a serious goofball......and I love how Suy just sorta humored him. :)

Stalkers......meet the lovely Suy and her fiance who didn't bring us any donuts - Tish. :oP

Aww...Tish is sweet on Suy. :oP

This was almost my favorite image from their shoot.......but another image topped it. You'll see. :oP

Seriously...get a room! :oP

We found a little clearing with a some amazing light... :)

So...while we were almost done with the shoot, Suy and Tish mentioned that he had his golf clubs in the car. And I said something to the effect of, "What? You want to hit your clubs downtown or something?" Well, apparently that was the case. Tish wanted to hit his clubs in the middle of downtown with Suy as his caddy. But because, we were sorta rushed with traffic and lights, when Tish was in his finishing pose, Suy freaked out because of possible oncoming traffic and looked the opposite way of Tish's shot (not on purpose) which made this last picture ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVE IMAGE from an e-session! :)

Stella + Jay : Married Monday, August 25, 2008 |

Wedding Date: August 9, 2008
Photographers: Hali*, Thurston* and Mariae*
Ceremony: St. Theresa's Catholic Church
Venue: Safari Texas Ranch

It feels like forever since I last blogged a wedding day - so this is going to be a huge post with tons of images. First of all, Stella is a major photogeek and stalker - AND she gave me this crazy detailed list (I think she outdid Crystal's list) with all the images she wanted to make sure we got. We really really really really tried hard on getting each item checked off - but Hali printed the three page list so that it combined on one page and the font was super tiny microscopic small....so hopefully we didn't miss anything from there. (Stella, if we did, blame Hali. :oP). The morning started with me at Stella's at 9am! (Whew! It's been a while since I've shot a wedding before 2pm!) The day literally just flew by. So........because we have a ton of pictures to get through and I have work stacked up to high heaven...onwards to the pictures. :)

Stalkers....meet the lovely Stella and her groom, Jay. :)

9am getting ready. I'm lucky the picture was in focus. :oP

No, that's not her wedding hair. :) But it should have been.... :oP

Stella's wedding shoes............but not really??!! Stella wanted pictures of these shoes, but she actually wore flip flops and didn't wear these shoes at all. That's called "details cheating!"

The beautiful wedding dress - off and on! Plus the morning sun is perfect to see the dress boning. :)

My favorite image of the day! I HEART Stella's veil.

Well, while I was over at Stella's.......Hali and Thurst went over to the hotel to hang out with Jay. The prayer before leaving for the church....

Leaving for the church.

The gorgeous bouquet.

Stella's bridesmaids presented her with "Something Old, Something Borrowed and Something Blue" which was pinned onto her bouquet. Love that!

Hali got this detail shot right before the walk down the aisle.

One of the "must have" images on Stella's really really really long list. :oP

Love love this image that Hali got with Stella's dad walking her down the aisle. Look closely and that's Jay's figure in the middle. :)

So, Stella educated me a bit in their wedding tradition which I will now relay back to you. :) Their wedding service is divided into two parts...the first part is the Service of Betrothal. This is when the rings get blessed and the priest presents the rings to the bride and groom as a confirmation of their engagement and a token of divine blessings. (Yes, he places it on their right hand.)

The second part of the service is the "crowning." This is when a necklace representing the crown is waved above the bride and groom's head and then placed around their neck. The crown represents the crown that Jesus wore when He laid down his life for the sake of His bride, the Church.

This part is the tying of the "minnu." The minnu is a small gold ornament that is strung on a string made out of seven strands of thread from the Manthrakodi (the wedding sari). The groom ties this around his bride's neck to symbolize that marriage is a lifetime commitment.

Then the groom places the Manthrakoid over the bride's head as a promise that he will protect and provide for her for the rest of her life. Seriously, how cool is it that even without having to exchange spoken vows, the bride and groom can still make promises to each other in the presence of God and their friends and families??!!

....And here are the wedding rings. :)

So, after the ceremony, we had the limo driver take us out to the Sugar Mill nearby for a few wedding party pictures. :) IT WAS HOT!!!!!!!

We went here to try to find a little bit of shade.........and snap a picture or two!

My favorite wedding party picture of the day!

And while I was busy with the wedding party....I delegated the task of capturing the details to Thurston. Stalkers, look what Stella did to Safari Texas Ranch. I didn't even think Safari Texas could even look like this.

More details. (Just a heads up that there's going to be tons of wedding details images - since it was one of Stella's special request!)

Closeup of the flowers on the head table.

The room and the white chandelier turned pink. :) Stella had tons of uplighting which was how she was able to get the room transformed.

The centerpieces and the wedding cake. Stella had pinspotting right on the cake which made it sooooooooooooooooooo much fun to shoot!

They also had a Sitar player........as well as a singer. :oP

Their first dance. :)

During the toast.

So, as a surprise, Stella and Jay had a slideshow put together which honored their parents. She wanted to make sure we captured their expressions.........so of course, I shot their backs.....

..so that Thurston can shoot their expressions from the front! :)

Stella changing into her wedding sari.

And no Indian wedding is complete unless filled with dancing! A few of Stella+Jay's friends performed a special dance for them. :)

Bouquet toss. :)

An experimental shot from the DJ booth.........

And a couple more images of the bride and groom. :)

Stella and Jay, congratulations!! :)