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Hi! Welcome to Pink Posh blog. We are a wedding photography boutique serving Austin, Dallas and Destination. Pink Posh Photographers is proud to be the official Campaign Photographers for The Boot Campaign. We hope you enjoy your stay and drop us a line sometime! Interested in seeing more? Visit our website at www.pinkposh.com

Emily + Tom : Engaged Thursday, February 26, 2009 |

Session Date: December 31, 2008

The last post of 2008! Finally, I've made it! Stalkers, as you know this is a HUGE accomplishment for me. :) But we had an amazing 2008 and so far an equally - if not more - amazing 2009 ahead of us! And what better way to end the year with Emily and Tom - who drove in from New York for the holidays and for their engagement session with me. :) We started the session downtown at Lady Bird Lake - and it was an absolutely glorious day! They had their puppy with them, George (he's a vegetarian) - and it was really just a nice way to end the year. :) By the way, Rudy's BBQ is going to cater their wedding..and I CANNOT WAIT for it!!!

Stalkers, meet Emily and Tom - and of course the insanely wonderful George. :)

Emily told me during the shoot, that one thing she loves most about the pictures I take are the sunflares! You don't get a bigger sunflare than this. :)

Just chillaxing on the edge of the pier. :) This is one of my fave.

Yes, I know it's not in focused, but I love the energy in this picture. :)

I had them lay down on the grass as they would normally if they were on a picnic....and then I reposed them to how I actually wanted it to look. :oP

A sweet little moment that I punched up with a bunch of texturing. :oP


Emily and Tom, thanks for spending New Years Eve with me. :)

Ada and Eugene : Anniversary Monday, February 23, 2009 |

Session Date: December 28, 2008

I'm back from the WPPI Conference in Vegas and have been shooting nonstop since we came back into town on Thursday. I feel like I've shot everything under the sun the past few days - engagement sessions, bridals, a fun all girls' session...but it's really only once a year that I've had the chance to shoot an anniversary session. Ada and Eugene contacted me for their third anniversary shoot last year...and this year, I also got the chance to document their fourth year together! What was really fun this time around was that Ada totally got dolled up and ready to knock MINE and Eugene's socks off! We threw around some ideas and one of the things we really wanted to do was a poolside shoot....in December. But I knew the perfect place. Well, stalkers, guess what??!! It was perfect UNTIL we go there and the hotel had drained the pool for maintenance. So we did the next best thing! Improvise!

Stalkers...I want you to remeet Ada and Eugene! :) We started the session at the top of my favorite garage. I asked Ada to bring a scarf...because I had this image in my head. :)

Ada looks hot right???!!! She's going to be one crazy hot attorney once she finishes law school. :) By the way, it was super cold that day...but she worked it!!!!

So, when we got to the hotel..we were disappointed that no water was to be found in the pool...but they get get upgraded to a suite. Ada showed me the swimsuits she had planned...and it was wayyy toooo sexy not to photograph. You never know when something happens for a reason. :) One of my favorite shots ever.

And what else are you supposed to do in a hotel room? PEOPLE, I'm talking G-rated. :oP

A sweet little moment at the window. :)

Stalkers, another favorite. I had this image blown up to a 30x40 for our bridal show. Ada is so hot right now.

Yes, we had a really good shoot. :)

Eugene is a stud here.

Ada and Eugene, I am so honored that you guys have chosen me to document another year of your married life together. :) And Donna and Stephanie, thanks for helping me out on this shoot! :)

Pink Posh in Vegas for WPPI 2009 Monday, February 16, 2009 |

Hi stalkers. :) So, I'm sitting here in the dark - in my hotel room in Las Vegas for the WPPI Convention and Tradeshow - blogging to let you know...that I have ton of stuff left to blog...but you will probably see a fairly slow blog week because we are all out here at WPPI until Thursday. And to think I was doing so well catching up. Let see....so far, Thurst and I have taken professional pictures of ourselves with my IPHONE through the peephole of the hotel room. We also have pictures of me attempting a couple of cartwheels in the hallway of the hotel...and a headstand. I think I might have broke something. Like a bone. And besides a couple of Ice Ice Baby moves and racing along the moving sidewalk...I got to hang out with my best friend in the whole wide world who happened to be in Vegas the same weekend as us for Valentine's Day. :) So, yay for an amazing time so far. :) Anyways, forgive our slow email response this week. Most likely we will only be answering emails once a day for this entire week. :)
Cheers! :)

Rachelle + Johnwin : Engaged Thursday, February 12, 2009 |

Session Date: December 23, 2008

She googled me. Yes, I've been googled and that's how I met Rachelle and Johnwin. :) We've corresponded strictly through emails and an occasional phonecalls. Well, all the phonecalls happened the day of the shoot, with me telling her where we were waiting for them at. :oP Rachelle works in the Philippines and Johnwin works here in Houston. They're engaged...but doesn't quite have the wedding date settled yet. But they needed "newly engaged" photos anyways! :) She was in Houston for a few weeks for the holidays and what better time than to do an engagement session than two days before Christmas? :) And since Thurst was still on vacation, I dragged Vince on this shoot with me to assist. :)

Stalkers, meet Rachelle and Johnwin. (Johnwin tells me that everyone thinks his name is John Nguyen! HA HA HA!)

When I first met Rachelle, she handed me a little gift. I was surprised to say the least..and I couldn't wait to open it!!! I sneaked a peek at it while they went down to the ground floor for pictures. :)

The best thing about shooting downtown a few days before Christmas....no people. :)

They are sooo sweet together. :) We didn't do too many crazy romantic pictures since they told they were a little PDA shy. :)

One of my faves. :)

Midway through, they went to change into something fancier....while we got stopped by the property security for shooting on the premise. Oops. But we worked it out. :)

I love this one! :)

Rachelle asked if we can do some with the Metro speeding by...which I thought would be a good idea as well. What I didn't realize was that the Metro bus was pretty short (comparing it to a train) and we had to wait and wait and wait for it to arrive - only to pop off one or two shots of it. :) So...here's "one" from one or the two shots that I was able to get. :)

Rachelle and Johnwin, congratulations on your engagement. And Rachelle, thank you so much for the beautiful brooch! I wore it on Christmas day to church and was showing it off to everyone. :)

Rachel+Brian+2 : One Family |

Session Date: December 22, 2008

Stalkers, just as a background - I got to shoot a little bit of Rachel+Brian's family a couple of months before this particular family session - and although it was a really cute shoot - filled with yummy cupcakes...I didn't feel as though I captured their family dynamics and especially not the true personality and energy of the twins. So...over Thanksiving, when I was over at the salon getting ten inches of my hair chopped off, I spoke with Rachel and we (or rather I convinced her) decided that another family session was definitely something that we needed to do. And, because I think nothing truly capture a child's true personality unless they are around all their stuffs...we decided to do the shoot at their beautiful home when I came back to Houston for the holidays.

Stalkers...I would like for you to meet Olivia and Ava (and their parents). Olivia and Ava are twins!!!

One of my favorite picture from this session. :)

So, as a way of letting the girls know how fun a photography session can be...I told them they could jump on the couch - which they NEVER get to do. BUT, apparently Olivia thought that because she had permission this one time to jump on the couch...she thought it would be okay to confess all the other times that she's jumped on the couch....when mom and dad were not around. (This is why Rachel look so shocked in this picture!)

Olivia and Ava told me a little bit about their hobbies and likes and dislikes...and so, I asked if I could go through their closet and dress them. Olivia is very rockstar and is all about the peace, love and happiness. :)

While Ava is so full of energy and just so sweet. She has a tendency when she dresses to just layer different outfits on herself. I dressed her in the dress and the socks...but all the other three outfits underneath is all her doing. :)

I think these about sums up the girls. :)

Of course I had to do a little mini session of just the parents - without their kiddos. :)

Their beautiful mommy. :)

We hung out and actually shot for a long time. Olivia was definitely very tired at the end of shoot, and here she is with her comfort toy. :) While Ava...she was still a big bundle of energy!!

And one of the last images from the day. :)

Rachel+Brian, thank you for sharing your beautiful family with me. :)

Abby + Philip : Married Wednesday, February 11, 2009 |

Wedding Date: December 20, 2008
Photographers: Hali* and Mariae*
Ceremony: St. Williams Catholic Church (Round Rock, Texas)
Kindred Oaks
Wedding Coordinator: Donna Aleman with
Ame Soeur Events
Make-Up Artist: Adrienne Pitkin with
Makeup By Adrienne
Legends Salon Round Rock

Stalkers, I'm excited to blog Abby and Philip's wedding finally. They are probably one of my favorite couples to shoot and to hang out with. :) They both have an amazing family - and I love how Abby and Philip AND their family members are part of Pink Posh Facebook Group and also my FB friends. :oP! I actually sneaked up alot of these images on our Facebook Group a few weeks ago so that they can share these with their friends and families! Yes, there are some benefits, however small, to being a part of our FB group. :)

So stalkers, guess what??! Hali shot this wedding with me. I know, I know...it's rare when both of us shoot together - but well, Thurst went away for the holidays and the weekend of the wedding, saw me at home by myself (the hubs left as well)...until Hali came down from Dallas to document Abby and Philip's wedding with me. :)

We started off the morning at Abby+Philip's new digs. :)

Hali caught Abby's first look at herself all airbrushed and gorgeous. :) Yes, Adrienne is an amazing MUA. :)

The wedding dress and wedding jewelry....box. :oP

Yes, shoes do grow on magic trees. :oP

Putting on the finishing touches at the church in the "Bridal/Bereavement" Room.

So normally, I'm up at the front of the church doing the procession pictures, but since Hali is so much better at shooting those than I am...she took over that during this wedding...and I got to spend the last few moments in the room alone with Abby. A few years ago, I used to be THAT photographer who gets to have these special last moments with my bride...and well, I really do miss having the opportunity to find moments like these.... I'm thinking Abby's tummy is doing "flippie floppies" (that was for you Jackie) and cartwheels about right now. :)

Hali and mine's view..........

...and Philip seeing Abby for the first time. :)

I'm thinking the groomsmen had it made at this wedding. 2:1 girl/guy ratio. Not bad. :oP

So, the wedding ceremony went off pretty flawlessly....except that Abby's wedding ring was forgotten at Abby's parents home. Here's Philip, putting on the wedding band for Abby for the first time....at Kindred Oaks. :oP

Abby rocked. She decided that she only wanted to do maybe three or four family portraits at the church...and wanted to spend the rest of the picture taking time doing wedding party images and bride/groom images. So....for the sake of expediency...and because it's always fun to split up the girls and the guys....Hali took the guys out for their closeups.....

...and not so closeups.

While I had the ladies to myself. :)

But then I added them all up together at the end. :)

And wouldn't you know it...right after the wedding party pictures were done....Terrington shows up to the wedding. :) (FAVE PIC ALERT!)

And while guests were "cocktailing," Abby and Philip were pelting me with leaves. :)

Then, I went all experimental on them right here..and just chased the pretty lights. :)

This is one of my all-time favorite groom's portraits. :)

And stalkers, in case you're wondering where Hali was at during these pictures...she was busy with the details.........



...DETAILS. :)

Hali and I could not get over that it looked liked Abby and Philip were having a party out in the middle of the woods!

Their first dance. :)

I love this father/daughter moment right here. :)

And in the middle of dinner and dancing...I had the great idea of getting a couple of portraits of the bride and groom out in the middle of a dark field.

Blog stalkers, friends, moms and dads...if you see the wedding couple smoking...please let me know. I have an obsession with smoking images.

And because Abby is a dancer/choreographer....it was important to incorporate that into her wedding day. So what better way than by a performance of the "Evolution of Dance!!!" Stalkers, try and figure out the different dance styles seen below. :oP

The last dance of the evening...with Terrington. :)

The really windy exit. And I'm not talking just a little bit of wind either...

...I'm talking alot of wind...

Stalkers...I TOLD YOU SO! These aren't special sparklers that causes those cool flamethrower shapes...this was totally caused by the wind that evening.

And to sum it up....:)

Abby and Philip - congratulations!! :)