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Hi! Welcome to Pink Posh blog. We are a wedding photography boutique serving Austin, Dallas and Destination. Pink Posh Photographers is proud to be the official Campaign Photographers for The Boot Campaign. We hope you enjoy your stay and drop us a line sometime! Interested in seeing more? Visit our website at www.pinkposh.com

Linh + David : Engaged Sunday, November 30, 2008 |

Session Date: October 16, 2008

Hellllooo stalkers. :) I promised you guys some pictures from Linh+David's esession - and yes, they did get hitched yesterday (November 29th)....and yes, I am still doing a very poor job of trying to keep this blog updated. :) I first met Linh over 11 months ago...and it seems like the year just flew by and before I knew it, their engagement session was coming up just a little over a month before their wedding! They didn't have any place in particular they wanted to do the shoot at, so I recommended one of my top favorite Austin area for pictures.....South Congress....not just for the whole vibe down there...but as you guys are all aware of by now...I take any excuses I can get to have a bite of the cupcakes down there. :)

Stalkers, meet David and his beautiful fiance (then) - wife (now)...Linh :)

Yes, some of my couples do make it extremely easy for me to do my job. :)

Light + Gorgeous Couple = Yum. :)

Of course, I can never pass up my favorite place in all of South Congress....:) (Linh told me that she didn't even share the cupcake with David! Good call, I wouldn't have either!)

...and a little sneak of what transpired yesterday........ :) You will have to wait a little bit longer for more. :)

Linh+David, congratulations. :)

Nancy + Tony : Engaged (and Married) Monday, November 24, 2008 |

Session Date: October 17, 2008

Stalkers, my blog is out of order...and what is worse......Nancy and Tony got married this weekend and I haven't blogged their engagement session yet. I'm keeping it out of order, because I'm going to blog (Linh+David esession) after their wedding this weekend. So here it is!

Meet Nancy + Tony : Pre-wedding. :)

Yes, Tony is very lucky. :)

We actually started the shoot at Zilker Park....and its hard for me to resist a swing set... :)

Then they took me out to this little lake area where the light was shining beautifully on the water. :)

So, most couples who met at UT Austin, wants a picture in front of the Tower...when we got there, there was a HUGE event van parked out front of the Tower....and tons of people setting up...and rehearsals going on! So, I did the next best thing...the SIDE of the Tower. :)

Tony. :) He's taken now. :)

I know. Nancy is gorgeous. I know plenty who told me that they are crushing on her. :)

And stalkers....check out the lovely light that day. I love beautiful light!! If someone could wrap me up some "all the time natural backlight" for Christmas, I will be a very happy girl! :)

And I thought since they are married now.......I'll give them a little sneaky peek.. :)
Nancy and Tony....congrats guys! :) And..........Tony, a word of advice....make the switch to 2K9 :)

Connie + Minh : Engaged Thursday, November 20, 2008 |

Session Date: October 12, 2008

The day after Jenny and Souket's wedding, I headed out to the Dallas Arboretum to meet Connie and Minh for their formal session. I had shot here once before about a year ago...and I guess I didn't realize that it was the Harvest Festival that weekend! It was crazy crowded at the park...and there were at least 5 other brides there and countless other engaged couples - who were also doing their session there. Good thing Connie+Minh's wedding coordinator, Stephanie was there!! She and her assistant was a godsend...blocking out traffic...shooing people away so we could get the shot without massive amount of people around!

Stalkers...meet Connie and Minh. :) So, we were up at the top...looking down...and I guess people can tell when I'm "thinking." So, Stephanie asked me..."Mariae what are you thinking? Do you want me to go down there and clear everyone away?" So, Stephanie and her assistant went and shooed all the visitors away from this huge (VERY POPULAR) area of the park..and stood guard on the side! So, besides all the work that went into making this image..it's one of my favorite as well. :)

Connie had specifically chosen the Arboretum....to get all the colors of the blooms. It was absolutely lovely. :)

Yummy colors. :) Connie and Minh were so natural, they made it crazy easy for me to shoot them! :)

In between checking fantasy scores, Minh got in a couple kisses for Connie as well. (I admit, I was checking my fantasy scores as well!)

Did I tell you guys yet, that this is possibly one of my favorite shoots.

Sweet. This picture makes me smile. :)

There are seriously sooo many areas to shoot at the Arboretum. We barely scratched the surface. Plus we were blessed with beautiful skies and I loved how Connie and Minh were sooo comfortable in front of my camera. :)

She's gorgeous huh?

Again, Stephanie and her assistant...cleared the path of park visitors for me. Steph, can you come on all my shoots? :)

My favorite little area at the Arboretum. It's hard to mess this picture up when there's amazing light, amazing location and an amazing looking couple. :)

Just the lovely Connie. And stalkers, can you find Connie and Minh in the second picture? :)

Ending with one of my faves. :)

Connie and Minh...looking forward to January! Stephanie and Connie's mom...thank you for being sooo wondeful and sooo incredibly helpful at the shoot. You guys spoiled me. :)

Jenny + Souket : Married Wednesday, November 12, 2008 |

Wedding Date: October 11, 2008
Photographers: Thurston* and Mariae*
Ceremony: Private Residence
Venue: Thanh Thanh Restaurant

Happy Month"iversary" Jenny and Souket. :) Yes, I'm back to that now. So, it just happened that while we don't really get the chance to shoot in Dallas much, we shot back to back weddings in the same weekend. (Which makes travelling much easier!) Jenny and Souket have been together literally forever and Thurst and I already knew...based on our session with them a month before the wedding....that this was just going to be one huge crazy party. I'm thinking the "wedding" is the excuse to throw the party. :) In fact, there was a point in the night when Souket told us that we didn't have to take any more pictures - as long as we got one good one. :) So...Jenny, blame Souket if you only get one good picture from the wedding. :)

Stalkers meet Souket and his beautiful wife Jenny. :)

Some getting ready pictures at Jenny's place of work. :)

Jenny's dress. Love her dress. It wasn't quite white or cream...but almost a blush color to me - although its orange in the pictures I took of it. Don't judge. :oP

Sometimes I want to blog myself. HA HA HA. :oP

Jenny and Souket had an intimate wedding ceremony of about 25-30 guests at a private residence.

The ring bearer and flower girl....

The ring bearer and flower girl again! And no, I did not blog this image out of order. What happened was the ringer bearer and flower girl walked down the extremely short aisle together the first time....and the videographer as well as the other guests made them walk down the aisle again to make sure everyone could get a picture. All weddings should have at least one mulligan!

There was a bet going on about "when" Jenny would start crying. She started early. :)

I love Souket's expression here when he sees Jenny walk down the aisle. :)

Yes, we were blessed with amazing skies that day. :)

Tearing up again. I do love it when couples get emotional during their vows. :)

Trying to get the ring to fit.

Mr. and Mrs. :)

Jenny and her girls. :)

Souket and his boys. :)

Soooooooo....this is a new wedding party pose that I've been starting to do for a while now. I just haven't blogged it...but the wedding party did such a great job in this picture...I had to share it with you guys. :)

This is a wedding day fave. :)

Wedding rings on rocks. Yes, I do need to describe the obvious. :oP

Details. :)

Sooo...funny story about the cake. When Thurst and I came to the venue...the cake was set up...and I started taking pictures of it with Thurst assisting me. And I thought to myself...this is a weird looking cake....Jenny should put flowers in the middle of the tiers. So, I voiced this to Thurston...and he told me that the cake wasn't done. I had taken a ton of images of the cake PRIOR to the flowers arriving. Anyways, the bigger question was that if Thurst knew that...why didn't he tell me that BEFORE I started taking all these pictures? (The cake in the picture below...is the AFTER picture!)

I love the little pink bags that the party favors came in!!

Reception entry. (Thurston tells me one of the guys in WWE does this?)

Their first dance!!! Jenny and Souket danced to one of my allllll time favorite songs - I'll Be Your Everything (Tommy Page/NKOTB). Stalkers...if you're asian...you know this song brings back crazy memories...that and a Shoulder to Cry On. Am I right? So, almost ALL of Jenny and Souket's friends crowded around the dancefloor and sang along to the song (and I admit, I sang as well too!) (By the way, I totally stopped blogging for half an hour and started YouTubing and watching old Tommy Page videos!!)

Can you believe that Souket is still romantic AFTER all these years of dating? Who knew he had that in him? :)

Soooooooo....it's not an Asian wedding unless your friends publicly humiliate you. Here's one from when Jenny and Souket were going around toasting tables...and their friends tied two truffles on the ribbon and placed it around Jenny's chest area. Souket had to eat the truffles. (What should have happened was that Souket should have been blindfolded....and grope his way to the truffles first...Yes, you may steal this game for the next Asian wedding you attend :oP)

The bouquet catch. I think a fight almost broke out over this? :)

And......I wanted to show this garter-get image, because Jenny's garter is soooo cute!

Stalkers....re-meet Quang and Nicole!! They are like Pink Posh's pimp in Dallas. :) We shot their wedding a
LONG TIME AGO (last year!). :)

So...it's about party time right about now.......

The DJ had party paraphanalias with him that he had people pass around! Here's a bridesmaid trying to stuff maracas down Jenny's dress!

Yups. If you weren't at this wedding..you missed quite the party. :)

Jenny and Souket, congratulations! :) Souket, I hope you found one good picture from this bunch. :)