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Hi! Welcome to Pink Posh blog. We are a wedding photography boutique serving Austin, Dallas and Destination. Pink Posh Photographers is proud to be the official Campaign Photographers for The Boot Campaign. We hope you enjoy your stay and drop us a line sometime! Interested in seeing more? Visit our website at www.pinkposh.com

I have the Best Brides Ever!! :) Monday, September 29, 2008 |

This weekend, I had an e-session scheduled with Katie and Noel. However, before I was able to contact her and give her details on the shoot that day, Katie emailed me and asked if she could donate her session to one of the displaced brides of Tuscany or Bella. I'm posting a few words from Katie's email (hopefully she won't mind!).

"I was curious if I could donate my E-pic session to one of the displaced brides? I'll pay for it and everything, I just feel so blessed that my wedding plans are going so well and If I could do something to help out one of those brides, then why not!"

Katie, thank you for this! So, brides and stalkers - if you know a displaced Tuscany/Bella bride - I am taking the FIRST ONE that email me with a contract attached for a session of her choice: Engagement, Bridal, or Boudoir.

Brides + Stalkers, please continue checking the original Tuscany/Bella post: http://pinkposhphotography.blogspot.com/2008/09/tuscany-of-garden-oaks-and-bella.html

I am constantly updating this post with information from vendors who are offering assistance to brides. We are trying to reach as many brides as possible and we have plenty of amazing vendors willing and WANTING to help!

Lisa + Shoney : Married Thursday, September 25, 2008 |

Wedding Date: August 24, 2008
Photographers: Thurston* and Mariae*
Venue: Villa Antonia

It's been a long time since I've posted a wedding. A lot has been going on and I thought it was time for me to play some catch up on blogging weddings and what nots! I'm not sure that I remember too much of the last few weddings/shoots - my brain is fried...but I do know a few things..........Lisa and Shoney wedding was crazy hot and fun! If you remember, Lisa is from the East Coast and has a crazy fear of all bugs...which is why she decided to do a Villa Antonia wedding during the summer - outdoors! HA HA HA. :) Plus, it just rained before the ceremony started. The humidity settled in...and it was probably the hottest outdoor ceremony we ever shot. I'm sure her East Coast guests were loving the weather. :) Anyways, stalkers............view their pics....I know Lisa, Shoney and all their friends have been stalking this blog for pics for a month now. (By the way, can I say that I didn't realize I had so many East Coast stalkers until their wedding??!!! That's awesome! Umm....quick FYI: I'm available for sessions/weddings on the East Coast! :oP)
When I got to the venue, I found Lisa waiting for me...........and Thurston covered Shoney getting all prettied up. :)

Isn't she lovely? :) I love that so many brides are doing the beautiful mantilla lace veils now. :)

Outside on the back patio of the venue. :) It had just rained, so we got lucky with the layers of clouds that lingered in the area.

So, stalkers, I forgot to introduce to you..............Lisa and Shoney. :) He's lucky. :)

The beautiful Villa Antonia ceremony site. I love shooting out there. Plus, Michaja rocks!

Some more details. :)

Wait...Thurst wasn't done shooting details. :)

Lisa's father walked her down the bridge area where they connected up with her mom...

Then both her parents walked her down the aisle. :) I love that mom cried. :)

Everytime I look at this picture, Lisa's expression cracks me up! :)

Yes, this is rare to have a 15 minute ceremony with all the traditions that happened. In fact, I was told that this shouldn't even count as an Indian wedding. :)

Apparently the sari is really, really heavy. :)

Thurston's view of the ceremony. :)

This picture of the cute ring bearer isn't in order, but he's too cute not to try to fit in the blog somewhere!..........and I'll give you one of the bride and groom as well. :)

The wedding party. :)

I found some gnarly tree root or something........perfect for a Lord of the Ring type ring shot. :)

Isn't the engraving on Shoney's ring soooo interesting? Can someone tell me what it says or does it even say anything at all? (I feel like it's one of those chinese character tattoos where you think it says HOPE or DREAM, and it doesn't really say anything at all...or it just really says something lame like "Dishes.")

Love love this picture on the bridge at Villa Antonia. :)

Reception details. Their cake was amazing!!!

The first dance.

And stalkers, you aren't going to see any bouquet toss or garter toss......this is basically all they did for 4-5 hours straight. DANCE the night away!

The wedding guests!!!!

The last dance to "Daydream Believer!" I LOVE LOVE THIS SONG! :) The guests formed a huge circle around them and then at the end, they all came in for one ginormous HUG! :)

My version of their exit............

...and Thurston's version of the exit. HA HA, they look the same huh?

Lisa and Shoney, congratulations!!! :) Despite the crazy humidity, heat, bugs.........you guys threw an amazing party. :)

Tuscany of Garden Oaks and Bella Terraza Displaced Brides Monday, September 22, 2008 |

Hey Stalkers. Sad news. :( So, I have been out of town for a while, dealing with some family emergency and just returned. I just recently (tonight) received two emails from two brides within five minutes of each other, who have informed me that their venue is filing for bankruptcy and they have lost the upfront money that they have paid to the venue. When we heard this at Pink Posh, we were of course very devastated for the brides. So, what we would like to do is offer one (1) displaced Tuscany of Garden Oaks or Bella Terraza bride our photography services, free of charge.

Based on our 2009 calendar availability (and our choice), we will offer one displaced bride:
  • One portrait session (choice of engagement, bridal or boudoir)
  • 6 hours of wedding day photography coverage with two photographers
  • All hi-resolution digital images on dvd

We will require that you have a copy of your contract to verify that you are a displaced Tuscany of Garden Oaks or Bella Terraza bride. Please send your interest to mariae@pinkposh.com. You will need to have your new venue and wedding date so that we can consider you for this. We will announce our decision on November 1st.

Also, I would also like to encourage some of my photography colleagues, as well as other wedding industry professionals to see if they are able to assist in any way. If you would also like to offer your services to the displaced brides and do not know how to reach them, I would be happy to post your information on our blog.

Alice and Eric from Serendipity Photography is also offering one displaced bride the above package free of charge. You can read their blog and find out what they are offering here: http://blog.serendipity-photography.com/2008/09/tuscany-of-garden-oaks-and-bella.html. Thanks Alice and Eric!!!!

Phone: 281.738.2011

Donna with Paper Dolls photography is also offering one displaced bride free wedding photography coverage!!! She has additional information on her blog or you can contact me and I will get you in touch with her! Thanks Donna!!! That is soooo awesome, and I am so thrilled to see our wedding community coming together like this!

Phone: 832.628.8300
The amazing Christine Tremoulet is also extending a hand out to displaced bride. I really can't express enough how lucky I feel to be a part of this wonderful photography community. You can find out more information about what she is offering at her website and how to contact her here: http://christinetremoulet.com/blog/wedding-photography/tuscany-of-garden-oaks-bella-terraza-displaced-brides#comment-3439

Phone: 281.795.7543
Jason at Table4 Photography has also let me know that he would like to help one displaced bride from this unfortunate situation. Information about what they are offering and how you can contact them are located on Table4's blog at: http://www.table4photography.com/blog/tuscany-of-garden-oaks-and-bella-terraza-brides/.

Corey with CoreyAnn Photography from all the way from Ohio will also like to offer the same as what we are offering at Pink Posh. The only difference is that she will require airfare, but will pay the rest of the travel fees! That's an amazing offer! You can find our more about her offer on her blog: http://www.coreyann.net/blog/?p=123. Corey, thank you for reaching out to our Houston brides all the way from Ohio! Her information is as follows if you would like to contact her for additional information:

Phone: 330-309-8161.
Angela from Only Once Images emailed me this morning and would also like to offer one displaced bride the same as what I am offering. Unfortunately, Angela is without power due to Ike, so her blog is not updated. Thanks Angela for helping out!! If you are interested in her offer, she can be reached at:

Kasey Marsh from Monkey Tree Photography have asked me to put her in contact with displaced brides. In her own words, she would "be happy to heavily discount her rates" for brides who may have been affected by this. If you are interested in her wonderful photography, please, please take advantage of this opportunity. Kasey, you are wonderful! Thank you!

Phone: 713.501.8814
Kelley with KD Loftis Photography is offering one displace Tuscany/Bella bride their "Collection One." Additional information about their offer can be found here: http://www.kdloftisphotography.com/weddings.php

Joanna with JTG Studio is also offering one bride wedding photography coverage. Information regarding this can be found on her blog at: http://jtgstudio.blogspot.com/2008/09/attention-tuscany-villa-of-garden-oaks.html.

Dixie of Dixie Ann Dalton Photography is offering one free portrait session for one displace Tuscany/Bella bride. Information regarding this can be found on her blog at: http://dixieanndalton.blogspot.com/2008/09/bella-terraza-and-tuscany-of-garden.html

Rainy Day Photos have some information regarding free photography services for displaced brides of Tuscany/Bella. Information on this offer can be found at: http://rainydayphotos.com/wpblog/?p=56

Vivian from Sweeter Than Roses (who was scheduled to have her wedding at Bella Terraza this December - and is a displaced bride herself) would like to assist other brides who are in her situation. She is offering discounts on her services (flowers, linens and decor) to fellow Tuscany/Bella brides.

Company: Sweeter Than Roses
Phone: 832.541.4781

Adriana + Fernando : Engaged Friday, September 19, 2008 |

Adriana and Fernando was my last shoot in Dallas for my mid-August marathon! All weekend we were able to escape threats of rain...but Monday morning rain poured and all of our plans to shoot at the Arboretum had to be rerouted to the Fort Worth Stockyards. Stalkers, Adriana and Fernando was so amazing braving the crazy wind and the sometime rain and sometime lots of rain - and at the end I received the best compliment from Fernando. He told me that the shoot wasn't as bad as he thought it would be. Stalkers, trust me, this is a huge compliment coming from him! :)

Stalkers (and Whitney), meet Adriana and Fernando. :)

Because of the rain, the hotel down in Fort Worth gave us permission to shoot in their lobby. :)

My favorite from the shoot. (On the picture on the right, you can see the umbrella that was OVER me, while we shot in the rain.)

Sometimes, rain is a good thing. :)

Jenny + Souket : Engaged Thursday, September 11, 2008 |

Yes, I'm still blogging my Dallas weekend from a month ago! About an hour after we finished the shoot with Quinn and Monika, Thurston and I hung out in downtown Dallas while we waited for Jenny and Souket to show up for their formal session. With Jenny and Souket, this was going to be a little trickier. This was a bridal formal session, and threat of rain clouds appeared... but I convinced Jenny it would be okay to shoot in her wedding dress and Souket's tux in the rain....and maybe bring an umbrella in case? Lucky us, we never received a single drop of rain. Stalkers, I have to tell you that this was probably one of the funnest shoot we had. Admittedly, it started out a little slow and stiff.....but after a few shots (and I'm not talking about the photography type shots either)....at the very end of the night - when we were actually already done shooting - I picked up the camera again and we got really exciting images. :) I think Souket may have even started to finally enjoy the shoot after a few "drank" in him. :oP

Stalkers, meet Souket and Jenny. They have been together for ten years now??!!! Seriously, why would Souket wait so long? Jenny's crazy hot!! :)

Just a little bit of fun around downtown in an attempt to loosen up Jenny and Souket a bit. :)

We found this cute little hidden alley with real live alley cats - just like in the Heathcliff cartoons!!

I heart store windows. :) Especially the ones with cute clothes in them. :)

Not sure where or what this place was...but totally cute. We were just strolling and came across it. :)

So, stalkers.........this was the best story ever from any of my shoots thus far. So, Souket and I was walking ahead of Jenny, and I saw this little doorway which I was trying to determine if I wanted to use for pictures. Souket thought that maybe he can slide down the railings...which is an awesome idea!!! So, we decided to go for it. Wellllllll......he miscalculated and sat himself too far in - so while he was sliding down...his pants got stuck on some of the knobs down the center.....and it ripped his rental tuxedo pants!!! He did tell me that it was fun and hoped it would be worth it. I totally think it was worth it! Look how adorable this picture is!!

A favorite image of mine.

...and some downtown street lovin' :oP.

Typically, I normally ask my couple if they smoke. As some of my past couples may know, I have an unhealthy obsession with "smoking" pictures. Well turned out that Souket did smoke. He had to smoke quite a few for me to get just a few images.......and I think I may have helped him a bit in quitting by making him smoke so many cigarettes all at once! :)

So, we had spent easily two hours walking around downtown Dallas...and decided that couple pictures were done. Jenny wanted to do some quick bridals around downtown. While we were taking these, a photographer who was shooting for D magazine asked to take pictures of us taking pictures around this area for their story! I felt so famous - sorta, but not. :oP

Love love this little area. (This almost feels like a broadway show set to me.)

And so, while I was taking bridals of Jenny, Souket and the entourage decided to go into the bar/restaurant right where we were shooting for a couple of drinks - and to get Thurston drunk. While they were drinking it up, I ended up talking to this waiter and asked him if we could shoot inside. He didn't think it would be a problem and doublechecked with the manager - who ended up giving us carte blanche to do as we wished! (Souket told me that this was starting to get to be more his kind of shoot. :oP)

So of course, I unpacked my camera and started posing Jenny and Souket around the restaurant. I love the feel of this restaurant with the exposed brick wall and the old tiffany style lamps.

........on the bar. :)

Hmmm...can't remember if I'm allowed to blog this picture or not......but seriously, this is one of my favorite....and I bet it's one of Souket's favorites too. :oP

A little bit closer.......:oP And I'm ending this post with a sweet little silhouette and a rockin' pair of purple heels.
Jenny and Souket, Thurst and I can't wait for your wedding! Try not to liqour Thurst up tooooo much. :oP

Monika + Quinn : Engaged Wednesday, September 10, 2008 |

The day after Gracel + John's wedding, Thurston and I headed to downtown Dallas (amidst threat of rain...none were to be had) for Monika's and Quinn's e-session. Monika and Quinn both live in Dallas but will be having their wedding ceremony at the Four Seasons in Austin. :) Stalkers, can I tell you what adventures we had with Monika and Quinn!!! I don't get to shoot in Dallas much, so everytime I get a shoot down there, it's like a Lewis and Clark exploration! :) We snucked into hotels, garages, rooftops and at the end of it, Quinn and Monika took us to this lovely little area that was just perfect for pictures. :)

Stalkers, meet Quinn and Monika. :) We started the shoot around the Magnolia....where we got wonderful diffused light because we shot so early in the afternoon. :)

Right next to the Magnolia was the Adolphus......and I had a great idea to hijack the place for some pictures. I've never been inside of it before, and this place was amazing! We seriously shot for maybe 2 minutes inside and then nonchalantly walked back outside. :) Yay for not getting kicked out! :) (By the way, I LOVE THIS PICTURE! Quinn just took the initiative and grabbed Monika's hand and kissed it!)!!!!

So, we found this lovely little gem of a rooftop by me having this great idea of sneaking into this private garage reserved for the condo units there. (Yes, there's a lot of sneaking around during my sessions!) Turns out that there's an amazing view up there....so worth all the imagined risks we were taking. :oP

Afterwards, Quinn and Monika kidnapped us to this beautiful location around the museum area. I love that they decided to pay a little homage to her culture and heritage with their change of outfits. :)

Finishing off the post with one of my favorite moments from the session!