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Hi! Welcome to Pink Posh blog. We are a wedding photography boutique serving Austin, Dallas and Destination. Pink Posh Photographers is proud to be the official Campaign Photographers for The Boot Campaign. We hope you enjoy your stay and drop us a line sometime! Interested in seeing more? Visit our website at www.pinkposh.com

Lindsay + Cody : Engaged Thursday, July 31, 2008 |

Stalkers, I had a kickass shoot last week out in Buda, TX. Last week Thurston and I headed out to American Racing Technology to meet up with Lindsay and Cody for their engagement session. Cody and Thurston ended up hitting it off when they discovered their mutual passion for sport bikes and motorcycles, while I already felt a connection with Lindsay from our very first meeting when I found out that she has a graphics and animation background - just like me! Lindsay's mom was also there and was kind enough to follow us all over Buda and Driftwood so that she could take care of the couple's three adorable babies. :)

Stalkers, meet the uber-talented Lindsay and Cody! They just recently had matching tattoos done (which I thought was soooo incredibly cool) and wanted that showcased! Plus, check them out with their three babies. Look closely and you see not only Lindsay+Cody kissing, but their two puppies that they are holding are kissing as well!

While I have breath, I hope. I love it!!!!

Just a few nice simple portraits of the couple. I like to make sure that I get a couple of these in along with the more non-traditional images.

An old mill that I spotted along the road. I asked Cody to pull over because I have an unhealthy obsession with mills and refineries...okay who am I kidding. Just any place that looks rundown and about to collapse is always a dream for me to shoot. :)

Lovely lovely lovely evening light...

For a wedding a few weeks ago, I had a chance to discover downtown Buda very briefly. This time, we spent a little bit more time there and I love the whole look of their downtown.

I love it when the light gets perfect like this!

My favorite picture from their set for sure!

.......and of course I have to end it with a family picture! Stalkers, while we were shooting this, turns out we were trespassing and this was some sort of studio. The owners came by and they were sooo awesome and gracious for letting us use their wonderful space.

Lindsay and Cody, I know you're going on your ride to Sturgess soon! Lindsay - good luck with the ride!!!!! Have fun and come back with lots of stories!!!

Umarah + Omar : Married Monday, July 28, 2008 |

Event Date: July 18, 2008
Photographers: Mariae* and Thurston*
Venue: Stafford Centre
Event Coordinator: Shena Cherian with

Stalkers, I tried oh so very hard to keep my blog up to date, but it was especially difficult for me this past week because after a ridiculously long time of not getting sick - I came down with something atrocious that has left me feeling like poo this past weekend. So, my brain is toast. I remember we shot a Walima a week ago....it was amazingly beautiful. I finally got to meet and chat with the wonderful Shena Cherian with Desi-gn and as you will see - she does beautiful work. Umarah and Omar was married in California a week earlier and came back to Houston for the Walima. This was the first time I've met the bride - since she live in California. Stalkers, she's gorgeous. You'll see. But before, we even got to the reception.......we started the afternoon off with a photo session with just the bride and groom....

Umarah. The Bride. Stalkers, I told you so.

The bride and groom..and their wedding rings - on a door handle. :oP

I heart revolving doors! :) Plus, Umarah and Omar has already been through this a week ago, so by the time I got my hands on them, they were already comfortable in front of my camera. :)

One of my faves.....everything is right about this picture to me. :)

So, if you haven't been outside lately in Houston - it's HOT. It was especially steaming two Fridays ago............so I decided it was time for them to have an ice cream break. Yes, I bribe my couples with promises of a/c and ice cream. :oP I love that Thurston captured the exact same moment I did.

My point of view...........

...same pose but Thurston's point of view.

Reception details..........and best chair covers ever! (The chair covers came with padding!)

......more details.........(By the way, I love love love love love the napkins detail)

At Umarah and Omar's wedding, they had some amazing fruit/vegetable/cheese sculptures-art. Stalkers, I'm going to try this on my watermelon one day........

The flowers. I do love what they did with the calla lilies centerpieces here.

The cake.

The stage.

During the cocktail hour. One of my favorite candid shots of all time.

Umarah, in the back. Patiently waiting for the reception to begin.......

The reception. I do love the color of her dress.

Soooo, typically during the reception, the bride and groom sits on stage while guests come up and take pictures with them.

They also continue to sit here during toasts and speeches.......

.....they can watch their slideshows from here.......

........as well as view embarassing videos and pictures that was put together by their friends.

...They do have to get up for the cake cutting though. :)

........And the couple throwing down gang signs. Alright, I think it mayyyyyy be their Alma Mater signs.....

Umarah and Omar, congratulations!! :)

Elizabeth + Rey : Engaged Tuesday, July 22, 2008 |

Finally - a blog that is long past overdue. I've been internet-less for a bit and they finally sent someone out this afternoon to fix it! Well, about two Saturdays ago, Hali and I met up with Elizabeth and Rey for their e-session over near the Museum of Natural Science which we finally ended at downtown. Elizabeth and Rey are such a lovely couple to work with! She told us that she liked a lot of sunflares in her pictures - sooooooooo I think we may have went overboard trying to achieve sunflare with every single image!!! :) Anyways, I know that they are looking forward to their pictures...so here goes!

Boy meets girl. :)

So, Hali's sunflare image and one with the couple hanging out at Miller Outdoor Theater.

My take on the image of the couple at Miller Outdoor Theater......and my sunflare image. :)

The Zoo image. :) Elizabeth and Rey wanted a picture at this fountain. It took a little time figuring out how to make this image non-touristy.....and took a bit of waiting around to make sure noone was walking through the shot. We were on the other side of the railings taking their picture - so the entire time, I kept telling Hali I felt that we were at a zoo exhibit. :) They make great subjects. :)

The 13th floor. When we headed downtown and ended up having to park in one of the garages, I asked Rey to drive around the garage to see what we could fine. Just our luck - the garage had these huge industrial fans that gave off the most wonderful play of shadows and light.

Hali shot this of me working...... :)

...and here's what I shot.

One without me in it. :)

....and one for Elizabeth.....massive sunflares!

Some around downtown close to sunset.

I love magic hour light. :)
Elizabeth and Rey, we had a blast with you guys! Rey, glitter works for you. :) Enjoy! :)

Kim + Tony : Married Wednesday, July 16, 2008 |

Event Date: 07.11.2008
Photographer: Mariae*
Venue: Private Residence

Last Friday, I had the wonderful opportunity to cover a private little event that followed Kim+Tony's Muslim wedding. Kim found me through the internet, and I have only corresponded to her through email and phone calls - so when I showed up, I wasn't even sure how the bride and groom looked like - which is rare for me! I was only there for a little over two hours, but I found Kim and Tony to be such a wonderful and sweet couple! This was a very traditional ceremony, and I'm not quite sure what all the nuances and the meaning behind the ceremony, so I'll go ahead and post a few images from that night.

The bride and groom. I love the colors and the traditional clothes. :)

A little bit of the event. This was during some prayers as well as a little speech.


The beautiful bride. Kim is actually Korean and converted to Islam.

After the prayers, the guests went outside to grab some food while I grabbed the bride and groom for a couple of portraits.

Because we were at a private residence - in the suburbs, we were pretty limited on locations. So, while scouting around the home and the neighborhood, I decided to use the night sky as backdrop - with the couple standing just right outside the garage, so that I am able to bounce off just a bit of light off the garage wall as well as having Vince backlight for me.

My favorite picture of the night. :)

A final picture of the bride and groom.......plus some detailing from Kim's outfit. I know, gorgeous right?

Kim and Tony, congratulations. Thank you for sharing a part of your wedding "week" with us. It was an honor to be a part of it and I had a lovely time getting to know the both of you.