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Hi! Welcome to Pink Posh blog. We are a wedding photography boutique serving Austin, Dallas and Destination. Pink Posh Photographers is proud to be the official Campaign Photographers for The Boot Campaign. We hope you enjoy your stay and drop us a line sometime! Interested in seeing more? Visit our website at www.pinkposh.com

Beth + Ray : Married Tuesday, November 24, 2009 |

Austin Wedding Photography
Photographers: Thurston* and Mariae*
Wedding Date: November 6, 2009
Austin Wedding Venue: Mercury Hall
Dessert: Amy's Ice Cream

It happened on a beautiful, absolutely perfect Friday evening. Beth and Ray exchanged vows and celebrated their wedding with an intimate small outdoor ceremony out at the beautiful Mercury Hall. Their itinerary called for first dances and all sorts of other wedding hooplas and traditions. But...as the reception started, Beth and Ray decided to nix everything off of their itinerary and just mingle and visit and simply enjoy their friends and families who flew in from the East Coast to celebrate with them. :)

Stalkers, meet the sweet couple, Beth and Ray with their babies on tow. Gizmo and Bella! Gizmo and Bella were the flower girl and ringbearer. :)

Beth told me when she saw this purple beauty, she simply had to have it. They are quite fabulous. :)

I absolutely fell in love with the gorgeous florals at the wedding.

I heart these wildflower boutonnieres.

Beth had tons of pumpkins scattered around the venue. She told us that she absolutely adored pumpkins. :)

Love. love. love.

Because Beth and Ray was having an outdoor evening wedding, they decided to do a First Look.

The moment right before.

And after. I love first looks. :)

The advantage of first looks...we get the most amazing light for portraits. :)

Beth and some of her besties. :)

Ray and his boys. :)

This is my absolute fave of Beth. Plus, look at that gorgeous light right behind her.

The ceremony details. :)

Beth with her dad walking down the aisle...with her mom and her baby girl Bella looking on. :)

All the lovely little details at the reception. :) Love the Mr. and Mrs. sign. :)

Beth and Ray had an area devoted to their grandparents. :)

I took Beth and Ray around the property for a little bit for a couple of nighttime couple portraits. First off...the main doorway. There were tons of guests looking on and whistling at them during this. :)

And of course, I could not resist shooting at these spots of light perfectly placed around the grounds.

Beth and Ray, congratulations!

Vi + Andy : Engaged Friday, November 20, 2009 |

Houston Engagement Photography
Session Date: November 17, 2009

Stalkers, I admit I love nothing more than having one of my Houston couples drive up to Austin for their engagement session. It gives me a chance to brag about Austin a little bit and show them all the fun little places I love about my town! So when Vi and Andy decided to do their engagement session in Austin, I was absolutely delighted. Of course, I knew immediately where I wanted to take them.

We started off around the South Congress area. My absolute favorite area of Austin. Vi and Andy wanted something bright and colorful...and since South Austin is incredibly pet friendly, it was perfect for their baby girl, Izzy. :)

The best part of Austin...you can literally just walk around and each week, there's also some sort of new mural or graphic on the wall!!

Thurst and I couldn't believe our eyes when we spotted a little bit of Houston in the middle of Austin. What does this mean? Austin now have their very own Max's Wine Dive! Fried chicken and wine. Really, how can you go wrong? :)

The gorgeous couple! :) They're pretty easy on the eyes.

Love this. :)

Izzy is sooo playful and adorable!!

Stalkers, I know that Vi and Andy made hammock sitting look extremely easy...but trust me...it took a bit of time to get to this point!

Vi and Andy changed into something a little bit dressier...and I took them around 2nd street for the last part of their session. I haven't been around this area for a while...so I was pleasantly surprised to see that they graciously set out furniture for us to use. :oP

In front of the new W Austin. I cannot wait for this hotel to open in Austin!

My absolute fave from the session. It was right here where we met the skateboarding english bulldog that sat politely on a chair. And for two people (me and Thurst) who is obsessed with Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory...this totally made our day! :)
Vi and Andy, Happy Anniversary!!! And see you guys in January. :)

Pink Posh Hottie: Boudoir Thursday, November 19, 2009 |

Houston Boudoir Photography
Session Date: September 21, 2009
Location: Hotel Icon
Makeup and Hair:
Hues By Heather

Hey Stalkers, just a heads up that I'm about to show some boudoir images and it may not be work safe. If so, you can click over to
http://www.pinkposh.com/ and come back over to the blog later!

When They Come Back Awareness Campaign Wednesday, November 11, 2009 |

Website: http://whentheycomeback.org/
When They Come Back Music Video:

We all know that just one day is not ever enough. It should be each day, everyday that we honor and celebrate our veterans and our boys and girls in the military who have given so much of themselves to our country. And to us.

I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you guys about an awaress campaign that we at Pink Posh are so proud and honored to have been a part of since its inception. It is designed to honor and celebrate, not just today, but every day, every moment. The awareness campaign aims to show that everyone can give back to our military. All it takes is a thank you...or a handshake if words are inadequate.

A couple of weeks ago, Thurst and I headed out to Tyler, TX to help kickstart the awareness campaign at a benefit concert MC'ed by Big D and Bubba - to the sounds of country singers, Kacey Musgraves, Derek Sholl, Heidi Newfield and Joe Nichols.

To find out more about the benefit concert and information on the awareness campaign visit:

We had the amazing opportunity to go to the Capital to shoot Governor Perry in his office for the campaign.

Singer, Songwriter - Kacey Musgraves of Nashville Star

The hilarious Big D and Bubba :

Grammy award nominated, Joe Nichols. I heart his music. :)

Singer, songwriter Derek Sholl and band! He penned the amazing song When They Come Back that the campaign is based on! When They Come Back Music Video:

Kacey Musgraves on stage at the benefit concert.

Derek doing his thing and getting the crowd all fired up!

Love this!

Heidi Newfield rockin' out on stage. (Her song Johnny and June is one of my favorites!)

Joe Nichols sang his new album at the benefit concert! That was a treat!

To all the veterans out there...as well as our military actives, thank you, thank you, thank you a million times over for everything you have done and are doing for our country. We love you guys!!