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Jennifer + Adam: Engaged

Session Date: November 23, 2008

Hello Stalkers. :) So often we get brides of the same first name...for 2009, we have an unusual amount of Jennifers and Saras...but its rare when I get couples who share the same first name. Yes...I have TWO Jennifer and Adams - and I know my other Jennifer+Adam(2) is a avid blog stalker..and Jennifer+Adam(2), your blog is not quite ready yet. :) For Jennifer+Adam(1)'s esession, Thurston and I headed over to their beautiful multilevel home - which boasts wayyyyyyy toooo many steps to climb to the top level - I climbed it once...and almost passed out. Yes, I'm THAT out of shape. Stalkers, you probably know by now that one of the things I love most is shooting in a couple's home. I love how it exudes their personality - and I get to see which item of his that she lets stay in the house. :) Plus, if I didn't ever do a shoot in a couple's home..how would I ever know that Jennifer and I share the same love of keeping our kitchen free of daily use. :oP

Stalkers, meet our first Jennifer+Adam for 2009. :) They are getting married at the same church I got married at three years ago! :)

On the first floor stairs.

I asked Jennifer+Adam AND Thurston to get to the second or third level for this. I stayed on the bottom. I told you I was out of shape. :oP

One of the best reasons for a home shoot is being able to incorporate their brand new puppy - Maggie!! :) She's just the sweetest thing - even though she looks totally ferocious here!

We spent about an hour at their home..and decided to head downtown for the rest of the shoot. Adam goes to school downtown..so we had access to the parking garage...which could only mean this...:)

And stalkers...look what I found on the top floor of the parking garage! Skylines. Plus, I just wanted to say that when this picture was taken...it was probably the most romantic time that Thurst and I ever had with a couple! We had turned on my Iphone for some music (which unfortunately is only filled with musicals...but I put on some Across the Universe music for them)...and they had a beautiful, romantic slow dance under the stars...with us there. :oP

It's not always about the girls. :) Boys need love too! :)

Jennifer told me that this is her favorite picture. :) It's one of my mine as well. Plus, they scaled a huge wall...which had about a 15 foot drop below them in order for me to take this picture. Yes, that means I was safely on the ground...while my couple was in mortal danger...or at least with some hint of injury.

Some rearview mirror love...but what I love about this is their long shadows on the ground. :)

I love the entire feel of this picture. We took this downtown with some traffic around and a super slow shutter speed. :)

I do take at least one or two pictures that are suitable for engagement announcements, in case you were wondering!

One of the last shots of the night. :)

But I wanted to end with this. I love Jennifer+Adam's expressions here!! :)

You can leave your comments or wishes for the couple here!!
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