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Hi! Welcome to Pink Posh blog. We are a wedding photography boutique serving Austin, Dallas and Destination. Pink Posh Photographers is proud to be the official Campaign Photographers for The Boot Campaign. We hope you enjoy your stay and drop us a line sometime! Interested in seeing more? Visit our website at www.pinkposh.com

Brandi + Justin : Married

Wedding Date : November 8, 2008
Bridal Session Date: October 18, 2008
Photographers: Vince* and Hali*
Casa Blanca on Brushy Creek

Yes, I know it was surprising to see so many blogs up at once...and then complete silence on the blog front. Stalkers...I came down with the flu. But in between a really bad case of the flu, we were shooting in the cold...and in the heat...AND we have been working diligently on our new booth for the Austin Bridal Extravaganza that is coming up this weekend at the Austin Convention Center. More about that in another post! But, on the same day that Thurston and I were shooting Tavia and Justin's wedding, Hali and Vince were out at the beautiful Casa Blanca venue with Brandi and Justin. (No, Justin did not marry two girls...we just happened to have two grooms, married on the same day...with the same name!) But seeing as how I'm blogging the details of a wedding that I wasn't able to be there for...I had to literally PRY the details of the day out from Hali. So, stalkers..I got some juicy tidbits for you. :)

Stalkers, meet the lovely Brandi and HER Justin. :) Hali told me that Brandi was in the ER the morning of her wedding! Ack!! It appears she had an allergy attack...but I just like to point out to my brides out there...you can plan every single minute of your wedding day out...but there's just some thing you can't plan in advance. So just enjoy everything!!! Hali told me that Brandi was sooo calm and collected that you would have never had guessed she was in the ER earlier that day. :)

We love this venue....especially that it's only a few miles from my house. :oP However, not sure if I should tell you this or not...but Hali and Vince got lost getting here. It is literally 3 miles from my house. PLUS, Hali has shot a wedding here already. So, ummm..Casa Blanca if you are reading this blog post....Hali asks if you can put a sign up letting us know when to turn into the gate. :)

Some details. I love venues with huge windows. They make my heart happy. :)

Brandi and Justin included peacock feathers in their decor!

I first saw Brandi's shoes at the bridal shoot...and I love how fun they are!!

Brandi opted to wear a fascinator with her veil. Wait til you see her bridal portraits later. I love that she did something different. :)

So, typically we ask the bride and groom for their rings during dinner...to take a few images of it. Well, I'm actually always surprised that they hand it to me without reservations...but stalkers, FINALLY!!!!, Justin and Brandi were not ready to just hand over their rings (and rightfully so), so right after the cake was cut...with both the bride and groom there, Hali shot a few quick pictures of the ring. I think it came out fabulously.

I heart this candid moments that Hali caught with Brandi and her bridesmaids helping her navigate in her wedding gown. :)

Love this. How sweet is this that Brandi had her grandfather walk her down the aisle? :)

Stalkers, look closely at the first picture...you can see the ringbearer trying to sneak a peek at the bride....and of course, we have to get one of Justin getting his first glimpse at her too. :)

She's way too cute not to give her a little blog love. :)

So, when Hali told me how they exchanged their vows, my heart literally skipped a beat. What Brandi and Justin decided to do was "whisper" their vows to each other, so that noone else could hear them. I love that in a sea of 100 people watching them, they are still able to have a private moment with each other. :)

The wedding party. :) I love how noone is paying attention to the bride and groom here. :)

Program inspiration. :) I heart all things with a typewriter font.

Their first dance. :) Soooo...PSA announcement...I love that people try to do fun dances and choreograph dances but I'm telling you, from a photographer's standpoint....nothing beats a wonderful slow first dance with lots of hugging and kissing. :) Example below. :)

I love the little number that Brandi changed out to for her exit....and there's a reason why she changed dress...it was because...

...the exited on MOTORCYCLE!! Loving this!!! :)

But stalkers, I'm not done yet...because a few weeks before the wedding, I actually got to see firsthand how absolutely gorgeous Brandi looks in her wedding dress. Thurst and I met up with Brandi downtown at the Capitol. Although I've shot there plenty of time, this was the first time I've shot inside. :) She stopped the Capitol traffic that day. :)

Seriously, those doors are HEAVY!!!...and don't she look so very pretty? :)

I'm just saying...Justin's a lucky man. :)

This is a favorite...

And yes, this one is too. I had her run several times around the top floor of the Capitol for this. Good thing it was after hours at the Capitol.

Brandi and Justin, congratulations and we hope you are enjoying everything married life have in store for you! :)

You can leave your comments or wishes for the couple here!!
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