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Ly + Duy : Day After / Trash the Dress

Day After / Trash the Dress Session
Location: Puerto Vallerta
Session Date: December 13, 2009

Stalkers, I feel as though I've taken you through a journey with Ly+Duy. And of course it wouldn't be complete unless I shared with you all their Day After / Trash the Dress session in Puerto Vallerta. I honestly thought that when I arrived at their "casa" on Sunday that they would call off the Day After session with me. After all, they had quite a party the night before. Not sure if the bride and groom or even any of the guests remembered any of the events that happened after 8pm the night before...but well..stalkers, they stuck it out with me the next day...and I'm sooo glad they did! :)

We stayed at Garza Blanca for the entire shoot. This place was absolutely too lovely to pass up.

Duy+Ly are photo-enthusiasts...so are all about creating exciting images. I asked Ly to sit in this little window opening that was ummmm..quite precarious. Duy was of course concerned he might lose his brand new wife of just a day...so I had him hold onto her on the other side. :)


Why can't we have locations like this in Texas?

Duy+Ly are all about hanging off of ledges. :)

The something blue...and a little red on the bottom. We know what they be! :)

Garza Blanca had an infinity pool that looked out to the ocean. Absolutely. Gorgeous.

You know it's not a Trash unless an actual trashing of the dress was done!

My favorite.

Not bad for the middle of December right? :oP

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