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Hi! Welcome to Pink Posh blog. We are a wedding photography boutique serving Austin, Dallas and Destination. Pink Posh Photographers is proud to be the official Campaign Photographers for The Boot Campaign. We hope you enjoy your stay and drop us a line sometime! Interested in seeing more? Visit our website at www.pinkposh.com

Pink Posh Babies: Amber and Aiden

Austin Family Photography
Session Date: December 3, 2009

Stalkers, today we threw together a little impromptu photo session for one of my friends and her darling toddlers. :) Their mom had several warddrobe changes for them...tons of ideas...but as you may know with kids, plans get shot right out the window. Especially when naps haven't been had...an especially cold day, a huge open, wonderful field to play in...and well, 2&4 year olds just want to do what they want to do. So, stalkers, here's what I got them to do for maybe 20 minutes with bribes that I knew Santa personally...would tell him nothing but glowing reports about them...and promises of Star Wars and gum. :)

Stalkers, meet Amber and Aiden...and a little piece of their mom. :)

I think I got three snaps here on the rockers..before they told me they were done.

Dear Santa...Amber was amazing today! She was absolutely delightful and I think that she should get everything on her list. :)

Dear Santa, Aiden was pretty good. He's a boy...and well in his terrible twos, but he did have some wonderful moments as you can see. :) Definitely worthy of tons of Star Wars and Spiderman toys!!

And of course...the kiddos and their Santa....I mean mommy. :)

You can leave your comments or wishes for the couple here!!
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