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Uyen + Jimmy : Engaged

Session Date: December 8, 2008

The day after Jennifer and Adam's esession, Thurst and I headed to Uyen+Jimmy's house to start off their engagement session. Stalkers, some background info...Uyen and I discussed at length...and let me repeat that...AT LENGTH, the type of images that she wanted to do for the session. Basically, the discussion of the engagement session started with a painting she wanted to recreate. And then it went from there. Uyen and I searched through countless websites, google images to find inspiration and also to get the vibe that she was going for. And, as you all know...very little of it...if any actually came to fruition. :oP But stalkers, that's how we roll around here. :oP But we did end up with some of my favorite images I've ever taken from an engagement session - and we did have a lot of fun on the shoot. :)

So stalkers, meet Uyen+Jimmy. I had them get into their jammies to start off the shoot.

One thing I like to do with my couples - if at all possible - is incorporate something that they enjoy into their esession. In this case..its kissing...I mean poker. :oP (By the way, the cards that are laid out on the table is a 4-Ace-Ace which standes for 411...which is the number to Information...which is also their wedding date.)

Stalkers...this pose is actually harder than it looks, but I do love how it came out.

So, I thought this was a really sweet picture...but then Uyen mentioned she looked like she was "recovering"...and now...it looks like a recovery picture to me. But what a stellar guy Jimmy is for sticking by through thick and thin right? :oP

Since we were shooting around 3pm - before Happy Hour..we got the bar to ourselves for some pictures. :) By the way, I HEART chandeliers. Especially this one.

Uyen with her two loves...Jimmy and Louboutin's.

Did I tell you how much I love this location and the chandelier? :)

We stepped outside to the balcony...so that Uyen and Jimmy can show me some of their dance moves....HEY, I do have to get them ready for their big day you know. :)

On the side of their wedding venue making out...and being honked at constantly from rush hour traffic downtown. :oP

This is actually my favorite image from this session.

So...another fave (yes, I have lots)...but this one especially, because they are complete POLAR OPPOSITE right here.

A bench picture as specifically requested by the bride. :oP

And...finishing up with some faves..have I mentioned my obsession with beautiful chandeliers yet?

You can leave your comments or wishes for the couple here!!
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