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Lisa + Anoop : Engaged

Session Date: March 13, 2009

I first met Anoop during our initial consult. Lisa couldn't make it...so Anoop went in her stead. We talked very little about the wedding and weddings plans...and just geektalk on camera gears and equipment. Anoop is a photography enthusiast and so I didn't feel all that bad for him for having had to go on a photography consult by himself. So, of course the very first time I never met his lovely fiance Lisa was at their esession. Lisa goes to school in San Antonio...so she drove in for her session...and we had to start out in their formal clothes - seeing as it's extremely difficult to get pinned into a sari by yourself...or even with a fiance for help. Stalkers, tt felt unseasonably cold for the middle of March, and I remembered just feeling so sorry for Lisa who showed up at the start of the engagement session with just her sari. Stalkers, a sari ain't nothing but a big piece of sheer beaded fabric gorgeousness that does nothing for generating heat. But per usual, I have the best clients...they worked it out and not a single moment of cold could be detected on picture. :)

Stalkers, meet Anoop and the lovely (but very cold) Lisa. :)

Check this out. Anoop was supposed to BE INSIDE this building right here! The Science Fair was going on right inside the George R. Brown....and he was supposed to judge it...but ditched it for engagement pictures with his lady. Totally random, but I would love to be a judge at a Science Fair. Actually, I would agree to judge just about anything. I'm good at judging. :oP.

I like hugs. :)

Yes, on occassion I do like to shoot from an ant's point of view.

I let Lisa keep her warm winter jacket on. :) I can be on nice on occassion. :oP

An image from my favorite series during their session. :) Lisa's sooo pretty. :)

You can leave your comments or wishes for the couple here!!
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