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Tracy + Nam : Engaged

Session Date: March 8, 2009

Stalkers, Tracy+Nam has been together for a really long time. I mean, really, really long (and stalkers, if you could reread that sentence in a Derek Zoolander voice, I would appreciate it. :oP). And because Tracy was kind enough to add me as one of her Facebook friend...I was able to get to her wedding website which chronicled how they first met and how they got engaged. Let's say that I didn't expect to see such a romantic in Nam...but then again, this was only the second time I would have met him. But he orchestrated a private cruise around Chicago to propose to Tracy....and apparently, a huge storm came in that almost cancelled the entire plans...but he kept on truckin'. He's getting a ring on his girl. :) By they way, during the shoot, they hooked me up with the best fresh, hot donut holes ever. Yummm. Yes, I know I am easily bribable with delicious food.

So stalkers, I would like for you guys to meet the beautiful and sweet Tracy and her ultra romantic fella', Nam. :)

This is my favorite of them. :)

I had them cornered in the elevator and decided this was as good a place as any to start taking pictures. So I asked Nam to say something naughty to her...which I think he then proceeded to say "something naughty." :oP

We had really pretty light that hit the water fountain really nice. :) And stalkers, look what I found!! A random number 23 (their wedding date) in yellow (their wedding color). Yups, I hook it up. :oP

Tracy loves yellow. THE END. :oP

Something a little more traditional in terms of an engagement portrait..but the light is soooo pretty here.

I love how happy they are together.

You can leave your comments or wishes for the couple here!!
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