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MyLinh+Hoa : Engaged

Denver, Colorado Engagement Photography
Session Date: December 27, 2009

This past Christmas, I was in Denver, Colorado celebrating the holidays with my husband and inlaws. :) Stalkers, I hope you guys didn't think I just stayed home and drank eggnog all day. :oP Well, usually I do...but this particular time...one of my husband's closest friend got engaged and asked us to shoot his wedding in Denver in August. So...since I'm not typically in Denver...I suggested doing their engagement session while I was in town for the holiday. And, stalkers...I had an ulterior motive. I never had a chance to shoot in the snow before...and it was everything I hoped it would be and maybe a little more. :)

Stalkers, meet Hoa and MyLinh. :) This is easily one of my favorite image from their session. It was also the very first shot I took that day. :)

I scheduled the session for Sunday at 2pm...and it turned out that the Denver Broncos were playing during that time. Well...Hoa and my husband (who I made go along and assist me since Thurst was in Utah...and decided he couldn't drive the 6 hours over to help me out...) skipped the Broncos game for the shoot. Hoa did it without complaining (that's love.) My husband complained quite a bit the entire time but he went anyways (that's love). :oP

I adore this little pasture near my mother-in-law's house. Why can't Texas look like this on occassion?

Flare and snow!!!

Stalkers..have I told you how much I love snow?

Congrats Hoa and MyLinh. :) See you guys in August. :)

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